Victoria has a very large number of food establishments. According to my count, it is approximately 500 (without counting take-out places). If we considered that the population of Victoria is approximately 80,000 people, it means there is a location for every 185 persons.

Most of them are located in the downtown core. Some have been there for a very long time, others are just appearing.

Few weeks ago I was complaining that I was getting tired of my frequent lunch destinations and was suggested to try new ones. But, which ones? Why not all of them?

Not all 500 locations are restaurants. Many are coffee or tea places, some are nightclubs. Some restaurants do not open at lunch time. Hence the list is closer to 300. Assuming that I do not go to the same place twice, it would take a year to visit each place at least once.

As I visited places, I kept a log. As I told people about my quest, they started asking to see it. That is where the idea of this blog came about.

Now, with respect to the reviews. Every reviewer is biased. These reviews are opinions, and are affected my idiosyncrasies. These are: I prefer to have lunch at a table, with service. I like a full meal and avoid simple the kind "sandwich and a drink". I don't balk at price, if I feel the food deserves it, and I am usually willing to eat in almost any place (this project will test this statement, I am sure).

I have current favorites, of which I have been a long customer, and I feel that, consciously or unconsciously, I'll be biased towards them because, after all, they are my point of reference.

As I visit the restaurants, I write a brief note with my findings, and try to place the restaurant in context of:

1. Its type of food
2. The area where it is located, and
3. Its price

I will keep a list of recommendations that you can always check.

July 7, 2010