My recommendations

Unless otherwise indicated, the options below apply to lunch only:

(Updated Nov 24, 2010)

* My favourite lunch destination: Relish

* My regular choices (in no particular order): Zambri's, Devour (honorary mention to Daidoco, Bon Rouge, Pho Vy, Zen Sushi)

* Best deal in town: Relish (honorary mention to Bon Rouge lunch specials).

* My favourite dinner destinations: Brasserie L'Ecole, Ulla (honorary mention to Brio and Stage)

* Favourite coffee destinations: Street Level, Habit (both locations).

By section of the city:

* Empress area: Daidoco, Bon Rouge, Ebizo.

* Oak Bay and Fort: Mutsuki-An, Baan Thai.

* Cook St and Pandora: Little Thai

* Fort St and Blanshard: Pho Vy, Baan Thai, Pink Bicycle

* Fort St and Vancouver: Sen Zushi

* Government and Yates: Ill Terrazo

* South of the Inner Harbour: Aura.

By type of food

* Best Thai in town: Baan Thai, Downtown

* Best Mexican: Hernandez (honorary mention to Puerto Vallarta Amigos)

* Best Japanese: Ebizo and Zen Sushi

* Best burger: Aura.

* Most promising restaurants I haven't visited: Lure