Saturday, October 30, 2010

In search of a coffee, Saturday night

Downtown is "bimodal". It either caters to the people who work here, or to the bar scene.

It was 6:45 PM and I was looking for a place to have a coffee. I knew that the Soda Shoppes closes later than most, but due to Halloween, they closed today at 5:30.

I am surprised most of the coffee shops in the area don't stay open. The only exceptions are Serious Coffee (from where I am writing this) and the two Starbucks. I suspect QV is open at this time too.

(We were kicked out at 8:00 PM, though)


Friday, October 29, 2010

Wake up Victoria

At the end of Sept, the Downtown Victoria Business Association started a promotion involving 32 coffee shops in Downtown Victoria called "Wake Up Victoria".

The goal is to get a "passport" (a sheet of paper) "stamped" (perforated) by each of the coffee shops. Once you get all the stamps, you submit your passport at the Downtown Victoria Business Association for a chance to win some "prizes".

Out of the 32, I have reviewed 13, so this is a good motivation to visit these locations.

I didn't know about the promotion before, therefore I have only 33 days to do 32 coffee shops. Doable? I think so.

And I write this at my first: Legacy Gallery. Today the coffee is not as good as usual, but the place can't be better. Yes, choosing a coffee shop is more than just the coffee.

31 more to go.


On dating entries

Up to this point, I have been trying to date the entries to match the date I went to the restaurant.

My backlog is never empty (I am currently 20 reviews behind), and I feel I would like to talk about more "current" events. As a consequence, starting today, the dates on my entries will be the dates in which I upload the review.

This will result in a discontinuum, in which I might mention reviews that haven't been uploaded.

Ultimately my goal is that, if I feel like writing today, I do, and I don't have to wait until I clear my backlog to do so.