Monday, May 31, 2010

Sen Zushi

<2010-05-31 Mon> I am a regular, what else can I say? I typically have
lunch here once or twice a week and it is the most frequent place I go
for dinner. It is good value for the money. Is it perfect? I don't
think so. Every time I go through the menu I am hoping to see
something new, something exciting, that refreshes my view of the
restaurant. Sadly, that rarely happens (the last time was the addition
of awabi nigiri for few days). On the other hand their tuna and salmon
are always very good, and I absolutely adore their hokke (but I know
most people don't find small fish--with plenty of bones--appealing.

Verdict: One of my regular lunch stops.

Cost: 12.50 + tip. Lunch pricing.

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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Green Leaf Vietnamese Bistro

<2010-05-30 Sun> How to put a Vietnamese restaurant within the context
of other similar restaurants in Victoria? Because I usually order pho
in the other I decided to do the same. I wasn't disappointed. In fact,
the pho was better than Pho Vuong and perhaps even better than Pho Vy
(although one think I really like about Pho Vy is that they have a
'spicy sauce' option). Would I come back to it? Definitely. The prices
are very good, they open 7 days a week from 11:30 to 10 PM (I
think). As I was leaving the table next had ordered quail and it
looked very good. I'll have to try them next time.

Verdict: As good as the best Vietnamese in town. Recommended in you are in the area.

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<2010-05-30 Sun> Nice coffee shop in the middle of Fernwood. The
coffee is good, their pastries are from Daniel's, and their tables are
comfortable with plenty of space. It has a nice neighbourhood feeling.
Definitely a place to get some work done. The location is a bit odd
for me; otherwise I'd be a regular.

Verdict: Recommended.

Internet: Yes, but you have to ask for the key.

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Red Fish Blue Fish

<2010-05-29 Sat> Location, location, location. The fate of this place
would be different if it wasn't for its setting. I ordered two
different tacos (or tacones, as they call them) that got my mouth
watering: chipotle shrimp and adobo fish. What a disappointment! The
shrimp were cold machine pealed baby shrimp with nothing on them. The
chipotle sauce was the mayonnaise used on the tortilla (the flour
tortilla was the only thing that impressed me: fresh, and warmed with
a grill). The fish tacos did a bit better (they reminded me of a cod
stew) but were drown by the flavour of the cole slaw they use as a
garnishing (why put more cole slow when they serve it with a side of
cole slaw)? The only saving grace is that they sell each taco
individually (6 and 5 each). By the way, the roll them into cones,
which makes them difficult to eat and makes them look bigger than they
are (and they can put most of the prime filler towards the front of
the cone). Definitely only a place to have a quick snack while in the
area but I rather go to Hernandez or Jeff's Pig BBQ Joint for better
food. Why is it one of the top rated places in Trip Advisor? Because
tourists (and some locals) love to eat by the water. It also
highlights the way populism works: a person that goes to this place
has completely different expectations than one going to Brasserie
L'Ecole; I suspect that for many, Red Fish Blue Fish is less about
food than a cheap meal by the ocean. Reviews need context, and that is
why editors of information will continue to be needed.

By the way: this is a "take out" place with some seating. It has
absolutely no service.

Verdict: Avoid with reservations (unless you want a quick snack in a
picturesque location)

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Jeff's Pig BBQ Joint

<2010-05-29 Sat> A hole in the wall, this tiny establishment serves
simple, yet tasty meat sandwiches. Their star is the pulled pork
sandwich and it does not disappoint. Vegetarians, stay away from it.

Take out place, although it has some space for standing up eating.

Verdict: Recommended (one of the best snack, take out places in town,
but not for vegetarians)

Cost: 5.00. Full day pricing.

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Venus Sophia Tearoom, Coffee bar and Coffee

<2010-05-29 Sat> I am impressed. This a huge step from the Mokka House
that was here before. The place is a very welcoming environment, with
real roses on each table. The place exudes beauty in a way no other
coffee shop in Victoria does. It caters more to the tea crowd but the
coffee is very good. Their pastries are a bit expensive, and they also
serve deli-type food. I am going to become a regular.

This is a hard area for a coffee shop. Lots of
competition. There are at least 6 or 7 in a two blocks radio. I
would say, come and check it out, you might like it or not. The
coffee might be a notch below Habit, but good nonetheless.

Internet: no.

Verdict: Recommended.

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Friday, May 28, 2010

Bon Rouge

<2010-05-28> Good food and one of the best deals in town (their
daily specials are 10 dollars). My favourite is the coq au van
(Thursdays); Fridays steak will fill you for the rest of the day
(quality varies from decent to good). I like their cedar wrapped
salmon ($14). On a sunny day the patio is great. The restaurant stays
open for lunch later than almost any other in the area.

One of my regular lunch stops.

Verdict: Highly recommended.

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Habit Coffee & Culture

<2010-05-28 Fri> Perhaps the best coffee in town (or close to
it). Nice, large and comfy place (although some sitting areas are not). One of my favourites.

Internet: no.

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Murchie's Tea & Coffee

<2010-05-28 Fri> It used to be that I had to wait 10-15 minutes to be
served. This last time things seem more expedite. Espresso is ok,
but not their speciality. Its real strength is tea, of which they
serve a large variety. Good way to sample tea before buying it next
door. Lots of tables inside, and uniquely, large number of well
priced pastries and cakes that you really have to concentrate to
say no.

Internet: no.

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