Saturday, May 29, 2010

Red Fish Blue Fish

<2010-05-29 Sat> Location, location, location. The fate of this place
would be different if it wasn't for its setting. I ordered two
different tacos (or tacones, as they call them) that got my mouth
watering: chipotle shrimp and adobo fish. What a disappointment! The
shrimp were cold machine pealed baby shrimp with nothing on them. The
chipotle sauce was the mayonnaise used on the tortilla (the flour
tortilla was the only thing that impressed me: fresh, and warmed with
a grill). The fish tacos did a bit better (they reminded me of a cod
stew) but were drown by the flavour of the cole slaw they use as a
garnishing (why put more cole slow when they serve it with a side of
cole slaw)? The only saving grace is that they sell each taco
individually (6 and 5 each). By the way, the roll them into cones,
which makes them difficult to eat and makes them look bigger than they
are (and they can put most of the prime filler towards the front of
the cone). Definitely only a place to have a quick snack while in the
area but I rather go to Hernandez or Jeff's Pig BBQ Joint for better
food. Why is it one of the top rated places in Trip Advisor? Because
tourists (and some locals) love to eat by the water. It also
highlights the way populism works: a person that goes to this place
has completely different expectations than one going to Brasserie
L'Ecole; I suspect that for many, Red Fish Blue Fish is less about
food than a cheap meal by the ocean. Reviews need context, and that is
why editors of information will continue to be needed.

By the way: this is a "take out" place with some seating. It has
absolutely no service.

Verdict: Avoid with reservations (unless you want a quick snack in a
picturesque location)

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  1. Don't agree. Tha salmon tacones are very good, and very good value ( I haven't tried the ones mentioned above). Very filling and satisfying, especially when combined with the excellent fries. Two tacones plus a half order of fries make a great lunch for two people. Hernandez is great tastewise, but a bit skimpy when it comes to the taco fillings. PIG? The pulled pork sandwich is okay. Not more. No good value, sorry.

  2. This is a fish and chip shop. It has the best fish and chips in town, and that is the only reason it is still open, but it is undeniable. I don't know how you can dismiss the place without trying the highlighted item. This review seriously undermines your credability. even though the fish and chips are far and away the best ive ever ate beware the coleslaw, it's not traditional and you will either love it or more likely hate it.

  3. While I agree that the cold shrimp is offputting, complaining about the lack of service at Red Fish Blue Fish, then offering a positive comparison of Pig and Hernandez - which work the exact same way, service wise - is utterly ridiculous.

    Just try their Fish and Chips. And btw - I hate the location. It's why I don't eat there as often as I woud were they somewhere less cold.

  4. I agree with the comments, not the blogger. Red Fish Blue Fish is an excellent fish n chip joint. I work nearby and have eaten there a lot. I have had the scallop tacones, the fish and chips, the oyster burger, the chowder (dairy free and so delicious) and even the unbelievably addictive tempura battered pickles. All of them were good,tasty, fresh and made with an attention to detail that is not common among chippies. It is not a service restaurant, it is a canteen with a twist. They are unique in that they are located in a couple of converted shipping containers, use only ocean wise fish, and run by owners that love seafood. The location is quirky and that is part of the charm. And by the way, their coleslaw is the only one I will eat as it is not dripping with mayonnaise and actually has flavour.

  5. I love Red Fish Blue Fish. It is the best Fish and Chips place I have ate at in town. It is on the pricier side, but its fresh fish, freshly made and it is an enviromentaly concious eatery.

    I love the natural harbour culture that surrounds Red Fish Blue Fish and I also LOVE LOVE LOVE their slaw.

    My Bf and I can't wait until the next time we can eat there!