Monday, May 31, 2010

Sen Zushi

<2010-05-31 Mon> I am a regular, what else can I say? I typically have
lunch here once or twice a week and it is the most frequent place I go
for dinner. It is good value for the money. Is it perfect? I don't
think so. Every time I go through the menu I am hoping to see
something new, something exciting, that refreshes my view of the
restaurant. Sadly, that rarely happens (the last time was the addition
of awabi nigiri for few days). On the other hand their tuna and salmon
are always very good, and I absolutely adore their hokke (but I know
most people don't find small fish--with plenty of bones--appealing.

Verdict: One of my regular lunch stops.

Cost: 12.50 + tip. Lunch pricing.

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