Saturday, June 5, 2010

Legacy Art Gallery & Cafe

<2010-06-05 Sat> First, let me state my bias. This is a University of
Victoria cafe. Having said that, I believe this is the best secret in
town. The coffee is some of the best in the area (way above the three
coffee shops within one block), but it is also a great place to be

This place was created originally to showcase one of the collections
of art of the University, and the Cafe is a side effect (trying to
make some money at the same time, because the gallery is free). It
used to be run by Swan's, but the coffee was horrible.

For some reason the place continues to be relatively empty (although
some days it almost full). It does not open Monday or Tuesday, and
closes early (5 PM).

Other than that, the place is great: a clean, large, open space, with
art paintings on the walls to admire. Nice, comfortable chairs to
lounge (but not to ideal to work on, although not bad) and window
seats to look at people pass by. This is one of my favourite places in
town. I just wished they would open daily and close much later.

Cost: 2.75 for a double espresso.

Internet: Maybe. It "appears" to have free Internet, but I am not 100%

Verdict: A must visit, if not for the coffee, for the collection. In
fact, you don't have to pay anything to have a look.

For more information, including address:
Legacy Art Gallery & Cafe on Urbanspoon

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