Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sen Zushi

Dinner review.

<2010-06-24 Thu>

Warning. This is a dinner review. I am a regular for dinner at Sen
Zushi, but perhaps I have been a regular for too long. I am getting a
bit tired of the menu.

That doesn't mean the restaurant is bad. On the contrary, the tuna and
salmon sashimi were delicious (as usual), the tempura perfect (I loved
the fish tempura). There were some downsides: the miso soup was way
too diluted (a frequent problem) and the some of the unagi had a
slight taste of chlorine.

The best demonstration of its popularity is how difficult it is to
get a table some evenings.

Verdict: A good option for Japanese at dinner time.

Cost: approx 40 per person + tip (we ate like pigs)

For more information, including address, visit:
Sen Zushi on Urbanspoon

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