Thursday, June 24, 2010

Rosie's Diner

<2010-06-24 Thu>

I like Rosie's. It is feels like an honest place that serves simple
food during most of the day (I think they are open from 8 to 8, almost
every day). Their tacky painting of Marilyn, Dean, Elvis and Marlon
that includes the name of the Diner is one of its peculiarities (Dean
and Marilyn are hard to recognize), along with strong colour palette
that makes this place unique in its own way. I kind of like it.

The place also feels homey. It is clear that there are relationships
made between the frequent customers and the staff.

I ordered a halibut burger with the soup of the day (seafood

When my burger arrived the fish was battered, while I expected
grilled. The menu gives the option of one or the other. And this is
one of those small details that separates good servers: I wasn't asked
which one I wanted, and presented the battered one. Ok, fine. Perhaps
my mistake. The fish felt frozen, nothing to write home about, and the
chowder was inedible. Perhaps burgers and eggs are more their speciality.

There are very few options in this area that are open the whole day,
that gives Rosie's Diner an edge. But the food leaves to be
desired. Too bad, I really wanted to like it.

Verdict: Only if you eating outside regular lunch hours, and only if
in the area.

Cost: 10.45 + tip

For more information, including address, visit:
Rosie's Diner on Urbanspoon

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