Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Baan Thai

<2010-06-30 Wed>

There are 7 Thai restaurants in town (2 with branches in Saanich). I
have tried the red curry of each of them. And the winner is Baan Thai

Of course it is really difficult to compare one against another when I
ate them on different days. I have to rely on my memory, on the
ordering of the quality of these restaurants that I am building day by

Baan Thai feels like a more up-scale restaurant than any of the others
(which probably is). It is a nice, bright environment, with quality
furniture, and good service. The restaurant was full when I arrived.

My opinion is that you won't be disappointed if you come here. I have
had most of the options in the menu, and they are all good (although
the pad thai is too large).

I have mentioned repeatedly that my main complain with this place is
its lack of options at lunch time (its menu hasn't changed in 9 years
I have lived in Victoria). I talked to a person who likes Baan Thai
and she said that she wants the menu to remain unchanged, so she can
always order the same. I think the solution is a "special of the

Now I am tempted to come back at dinner time (or at least order take

Unfortunately this visit is the last without GST. Starting tomorrow I
have a 7% inflation in the cost of my lunch :(

Verdict: The best Thai lunch in town, at one of the best prices. It is
worth a detour compared to any of the other options. It is also the
best restaurant in a this area. It will remain as one of my regular
lunch destinations, particularly the downtown branch.

Cost: 10.24 + tip

For more information, including address, visit:
Baan Thai on Urbanspoon

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