Friday, June 25, 2010

Baan Thai -- Oak Bay

<2010-06-25 Fri> Had to have a quick lunch. I ordered the L6 lunch
special and it was a good meal (it had been recommended in the past by
one of the waitresses as her favourite). Everything was nicely cooked.
Pleasant visit. What I expect from it.

I soo much wished they were running specials that showcased what the
chef/cook can do. But for the sake of uniformity (with its parent
downtown) they offer _exactly_ the same every day. Except for Wednesdays,
when they offer duck on noodles, which is quite good.

Verdict: I keep my recommendation: a solid place to eat, one of the
best Thai in Victoria (at lunch time), and one of the only two places
to eat in the area.

Cost: 10.24 + tip

For more information, including price, visit:
Baan Thai on Urbanspoon

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