Thursday, June 3, 2010

Starbucks Cook St Village

No. 14

<2010-06-03 Thu> Three large coffee shops in an 3 block area, and all
of them bland. Starbucks has average coffee, but at least it is
uniform. It is a large space, its tables are very comfortable, and
because it controls the Internet access via a username, it provides
the best public bandwidth in town, but only for 2 hrs every
24hrs. Regarding the tables/chairs: they are just the perfect high to
work with a laptop, and the size is just right if you don't have to
have open books and a computer, otherwise it might feel crowded.

Finally, one of the few coffee shops that opens late every day (in
fact, that is true for those in this area).

In other words: one of the best places to work in town, but at the
cost of average coffee.

By the way, it is interesting to compare the clientele of the three
coffee shops. Quite dramatic.

Internet: Yes, limited to two hours, and requires registration.

Verdict: Recommended for the area (average coffee, but great place to

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