Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cornerstone Cafe

<2010-06-30 Wed> Coffee shops in the old past used to be the focal
centers of the community. The bars were where people went to get
drunk, but coffee shops where people went to get the news and discuss

Cornerstone feels like those old places. It is a community gathering
place. Own and operated by the Fernwood Community Centre, it takes its
social goals seriously. And it shows. This feels like the friendliest
coffee shop in town. Its sitting is designed to socialize, even if you
are using your laptop pretending to be unaware of your surroundings.

There is frequent (free) music in the evenings, and it is also a
resource center for the community.

I wished more coffee shops were like this.

As if it wasn't enough, it has very good coffee and pastries from

Verdict: One of the best coffee destinations in town.

Internet: yes

For more information, including address:
Cornerstone Cafe on Urbanspoon

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