Thursday, June 24, 2010

Moka House--Cook St

No. 26.

<2010-06-24 Thu>

Their espresso sucks, but the view from the window is always a
treat. The "patio" is a good way to enjoy a not-very cold day.

Moka has many food options, but nothing worthwhile though, and offers
ice cream cones.

The bench along the windows is nice to work on a laptop, but the
tables not as much. The outside chairs are plastic and not very
comfortable. Table-vs-table the coffee shop across the street wins.

But in terms of "cool" factor, Moka is where the hip meet.

Verdict: if you are interested in the coffee skip it. If you want the
view or the ambiance, it is better than Starbucks. In terms of tables
and comfort I give the edge to Starbucks. Internet here is unlimited,
while it is 2 hrs (login required) across the street. Starbucks
provides much better bandwidth, though.

Internet: Yes

Cost: 1.75 for a single espresso

For more information, including address, visit:
Moka House on Urbanspoon

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