Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sookjai Thai

<2010-06-29 Tue>

My first impression was: "wow, this place is full". I got the
last table available. I ordered the red curry
special (again). The soup was like many others I had had: almost
tasteless, but with a good portion of vegetables.

The rolls were well cooked: cripy not but not hard. The curry
looked good: thick, with a large proportion of vegetables and
chicken. The chicken was cooked well. Unfortunately it lacked

The food is not bad, and I got tempted to come back and have
something different. It competes head on with Baan Thai, which is
one block away. It wins in number of options at lunch time. I
would be tempted to ask people why they prefer to come here
instead of Baan Thai, given that both are so close to each

My pick? Baan Thai.

Verdict: Given its proximity to Baan Thai, I'd not pick it as my
first choice.

Paid: 10.45 + tip

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