Monday, June 28, 2010

Little Thai

<2010-06-28 Mon>

Mondays are tricky. Many restaurants stay closed. I have been
disappointed countless times when I arrive to a place that is
closed. Do they forget people have to eat every day of the week?
Little Thai is a reliable destination: it opens every day of the week.

There are two Little Thai in the region, one in Saanich and the other
in Cook St. I visited the one at Cook St. The waiters are friendly,
and tend to recognize me, which is always a nice feeling when I enter
a restaurant.

The menu is large: their dinner menu plus lunch specials, which are
very nicely priced.

To be consistent, I ordered (again!) red curry plus a soup
(optional). The soup is a contradiction: the tastiest broth of all the
Thai restaurants I have tried, but with chicken that was badly

I think of all the curries I have tried this is one of my favourite. It
is dense, tasty, a touch sweet and I like the addition of eggplant,
but it is not traditional: no green pepper, no bamboo shoots. It comes
with some green vegetables and rice. The rice was perfect.

This is a very popular take out destination.

Verdict: A good Thai. Best place (by far) in its area.

Cost: 11.50 + tip

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