Thursday, July 1, 2010


<2010-07-01 Thu> Have you ever eaten at a Korean Restaurant? Do
yourself a favour and try it. Sura seems to be the only Korean left in
town. I believe that is because we are not used to their food, and
don't know what to expect in their restaurants. This might explain
why, in the opinion of my Japanese friends, Koreans tend to open
Japanese instead of Korean restaurants.

I have never been disappointed in a Korean restaurant. Their soups
reminds me a lot some of the Mexican stews: based on bone, spicy,
always rich in flavour.

But I also like the little plates they bring you along: potatoes,
kimchi, sprouts. And they are all included in the price of your main

I recommend people to start with a bibimbap. Remember, you must mix
the egg with the rice as it is served.

It was my first time at Sura. The menu is beautiful to look at. I
could not make my mind, partially because I don't really know many

I ordered a beef soup. I love it. It came on one of their thick clay
pots, and was boiling as served. I had to be careful to wait long
enough not to burn my tongue :( The temptation is too high to dive
in. It was labelled extra spicy, but I found it to be just
"Medium". Your mileage might vary.

In terms of value, I can't think of better places to have a complete
meal. The soup came from the "dinner" menu (which they offer at lunch
time) and it was a paltry 9.99 + tax. I was even offered more
apetizer dishes (I wish I knew their real name).

I forgot to mention, only one table had no Korean looking person (the
place is popular with Koreans).

Verdict: This place will become a regular destination for me, and can
see it become one of my favourites. Other visits will tell. I like
Korean food and that makes me biased. A steal at dinner time.

Cost: 11.14 + tip (yes, new tax :(

For more information, including address, visit:
Sura Korean Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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  1. Amazing how Victoria seems to be a bit more spoiled in having these great spots to eat versus Vancouver now. The Korean joints in the GVRD have been cutting back on the little appetizer side dishes, and it's a pity. Before it was at least 5 dishes now 3 or less is common. I've been to places where they were even stingy with kimchi! The top places are less good than they even were a year or two ago while there seems to be at least 5 new Korean restaurants opening weekly. It's a bizarre situation, and the new restaurants only compound the problem as I've been served soup with less than fresh vegetables... When you can see the restaurant has such little quality control there is no way I would return. The only truly positive spot in Vancouver's Korean food scene are a few neat Korean niche places that are turning out excellent foods such as Korean friend chicken, or desserts or drinking spots that offer a few dishes mainly pork belly bbq.