Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Legacy Art Gallery & Cafe

<2010-06-30 Wed> What can I say about a coffee shop that includes a
gallery inside it?

I came to see the work by Bob St Cyr. Bob is a great and humble
guy. He has a small exhibit of pinhole photographs that really
intrigue me. I like their blurriness, and sense of timelessness. I
liked his Cafe Conversations, perhaps because, as I write this, I live
daily what he portraits in them. It is worth a visit.

The coffee today gets a "good" ranking.

Overall one of the best: a beautiful place, with two interesting and
worthwhile exhibits (one the photos of Bob the other Inuit sculpture).

Verdict: The art in it makes it a must destination in every aspect;
the coffee can be better in other places, but it is good.

Cost: 2.75 for espresso.

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  1. Thanks DMG for the comments, glad you enjoyed the show.
    I currently have some work in a show at 977a Fort Street if you are interested.