Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Prime Steakhouse and Lounge

No. 11

<2010-06-01 Tue> I had passed by frequently, but never being tempted
to go inside. The only times I have visited this location was with
friends who wanted to dine here (in its previous
incarnations). Part of the reason is that it feels overpriced: entrees
are 15 or 16 dollars, a step up from similar destinations (Il
Terrazzo, Pescatore's, Bon Rouge--across the street) and at the level
of Zambri's (which is one of my favourite destinations). Furthermore, I
am not a meat eater, so take my words with a grain of salt. So I came
with reservations. I ordered their seared tuna, which is not a bad
dish. I like albacore tuna, and this was cooked the way I like it
(barely seared). Its crust was good, but the entire dish felt like a
diner meal: tuna on top of a bed of risotto (which was salty) with a
slab of wasabi on the side (is this sashimi? I didn't notice it until
I almost put it in my mount), and some vegetables (the carrots were a
bit hard) and the most striking of all: a section of corn in a
hub. This is, according to its prices, a high end restaurant, yet it
serves me finger food? It just felt wrong. The amount was large too,
just on the edge of what I consider an appropriate size. Having
discussed this with a chef, it seems that expensive restaurants feel
that they have to provide you with a lot of food so you feel that the
price was worth it.

Will I come back? That is ultimately the most important question. In
its price bracket and type, I would say is not doing well. Perhaps I'd
have to visit again to get a better perspective of the place.

Finally, my waiter seem to be a bit upset. She wasn't rude or
anything, but every time she stopped by my table she had an expression
as if she would have preferred to be doing something else. At other
places I feel comfortable, here that makes me feel unwanted. Furthermore,
the music! I am starting to go crazy! (they play a radio station from
Memphis). Those are small details that affect our dining experience
beyond what the food offers. The place is almost empty (only two more
tables have people).

Cost: 16.80 + tip. Lunch pricing.

Verdict: Avoid. Walk across the street to Bon Rouge instead.

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  1. You're not a meat eater, yet you eat tuna?

  2. I'm a meat eater, I ate meat at Prime and was disappointed bigtime. My 50th birthday, I had the lamb rack. The tough lamb rack with the salty jus and the salty risotto. My wife had the tough, undercooked steak.

    Overpriced, food not great.