Thursday, September 2, 2010

Old Time Deli

(Coffee Review)

<2010-09-02 Thu>

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In the middle of tourist strip (Government St), Old Time Deli is a coffee shop and deli with Internet workstations in the back. The artwork on the walls brings me back memories of a defunct favourite---the Herald Street Cafe---where they use to hang. I wonder what the relationship is.

The place is large, but lacks "soul". It feels cold, uninviting, in a way that is hard to explain. That they play the radio on loudspeakers does not help. On the other hand, their tables are very comfortable. I sat by the window, and enjoyed watching the tourists.

They are a deli with lots of pastries, but, as I usual, I only ordered a espresso.

Surprisingly, the coffee was good. Significantly better than Starbucks, and similar to Murchie's, but I still prefer Macchiato, around the corner.

Verdict: Good coffee

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  1. FYI, I passed by this way not too long ago and it looks like the Old Time Deli closed up shop.