Monday, September 20, 2010

Pink Bicycle

<2010-09-20 Mon>

No. 110

Soo many people talk so highly of the Pink that I am surprised I haven't been here before.

As it opens on Monday, it already gets brownie points. It was early and i was one of the first persons to be there. It is an elegant and pleasant place, although a bit dark towards the back. The carnations light the tables.

Frequently is the nice touches that make the difference. As I sat a glass and a bottle of water were placed on my table. I appreciate that.

As its name implies, burgers are their speciality. And they have lots of options, for any palate.
I have been eating too much meat lately, thus I ordered the portabello burger.

It was a delicious burger and salad. There was certain nuttiness in the burger, and bun was delicious, the portabello nicely grilled. A tasty salad was adorned by roasted pecans. I wanted more.

The only blemish: please, don't ask me if I want change.

Verdict: The Pink is a great find. I am definitely a convert. Recommended.

Paid: 12.32 + tip.

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  1. A few of us from Seeker went to Pink Bicycle today for lunch (I went with the portabello as well -- I'm vegetarian), and the consensus with our group was that the burgers were quite good, but somewhat overpriced. "Good, but not $15 good" was the general vibe.

    Tip for others: avoid the onion rings. They're pretty blah (not much flavor, and *VERY* greasy). In hindsight I wish I'd have stuck with fries as the side.

    Definitely a place worth going to at least once, but not sure I'd repeat. I wouldn't say I was disappointed with the place, but I wasn't overly impressed either.