Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Osaka Revisited

<2010-09-01 Wed>

I had great hope for Osaka. It is located in a restaurant that is in my way to work, its prices were good, and its food looked good.

I have come here several times (5 I think) and this restaurant suffers of one problem that plagues restaurants in Victoria: inconsistency. One day it can be great, the next it does not.

They also vary the dishes (perhaps this is experimentation) but it is annoying from the consumer point of view. For example, once a dish was served in a sizzling plate, the next time it didn't. If you want to make those changes, call it something else, to avoid a disappointing your customers. Even the flavour of soy sauce changes from one time to the next.

The other problem it faces is slow service. I have been there when there is only one server on duty, and he is clearly overworked. Even though I see he is working hard, there is no way he can cover properly all the tables in the restaurant.

Sadly, I no longer recommend it.

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