Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lotus Pond

<2010-09-14 Tue>

No. 105

Some restaurants have protocols that surprise me, but nothing like Lotus Pond. As I entered, I saw the buffet bar. I got a table, headed for the buffet, and went back to my table. Just to be stop on my tracks: I was supposed to weigh my plate!

Yes, this is a restaurant by weight, and I don't like it. It charges 16.50 per kilogram.

I arrived around 1:45, and the food felt cold and old. But the flavours were there. There were hints of good cooking. I haven't crammed my first plate with food, but didn't feel interested in getting another one.

Apparently there is the option of ordering from a menu. I might try it one day.

Lotus pond is a vegan restaurant, one of the few (only?) in town.

Verdict: I will avoid any by-the-weight restaurant.

Paid: 7.31

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  1. No Mongolie Grill for you! One slight difference is that at the Mongolie Grill you choose raw meat and seafood, then they weigh it (when it's heavier!), and then they cook it.


  2. the lotus pond is really good when you order from the menu...the by weight thing is annoying but not unusual or exclusive to them.