Friday, November 12, 2010


No. 119

<2010-09-30 Thu>

Once I went in, but left without ordering. Nando's felt too much like a chain restaurant, and I felt the prices were expensive compared to restaurants in the area.

Since starting my quest, I had been in front several times, always wondering if it should be the day to review it. Every time I headed somewhere else.

A friend gave me a coupon that had one week left before its expiration date. She likes Nando's and urged me to try it.

Nando's is a fast-food type of restaurant that serves relatively slow food. Contradiction? Yes. They make the chicken to order.

Nando's is a South African chain. It is easy to guess its origin: the walls are covered with African artefacts. The location is beautiful. The restaurant occupies the corner, with plenty of Sun light, and sitting space.

You order from the wall. The options are straightforward: choose the type of chicken part you like, the amount, and add sides (and there are not that many of them). They will bring the food to your table.

The prices vary from 9.49 to 13.69 plus tax.

They offer it in 4 levels of spiciness. I asked for a double leg, hot (the hottest, next time I'll ask for medium).

I really wanted mash with my chicken, and the option of a potato sounded too dry for me. This is my main complain about Nando's: the sides do not seem to go very well with the chicken. I asked for the coleslaw.

The chicken had a very rich lime, and hot pepper flavour. It was so juicy that I had to check the bone: yes, it was cooked, and it was perfectly cooked. It was delicious.

With regard to prices. Nando's is one of the restaurants that has a single menu for the entire day. At dinner time, its prices are cheap, at lunch time, they are average, towards expensive. You can eat in China Block for a lot less.

With regard to competition: Nando's is in a difficult location, again, just a block from China Block. But if you are looking for chicken, this is a very good destination. Just don't bring a vegetarian along: he/she will be utterly disappointed.

Me? If they add mashed potatoes to the menu, I would become a regular. As it stands, the lack of good side dishes makes the meal boring.

I received very good service too. This is particularly remarkable because it is a fast-food style restaurant.

Verdict: Unexpectedly, I liked it.

Paid: 10.63 (minus coupon).

For more information, including its address, visit:
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  1. Great review... however just to correct you, the vegetarian food there is unbelievable as well. All vegetarians should try their veggie burger, an unexpected delight.

  2. The salads here are vegetarian friendly as well incorporating sunflower seeds etc. In fact you should have gotten the colourful salad as a side =)

    Their peri peri fries are addictive as well.

    We often order just a whole chicken to go, it's SO good! And this chain is a Portuguese chicken chain, even though it originates in South Africa.

    If you have it to go, ask for extra sauce on the side, and beware their spicy is actually really spicy.

    I also like their hummus dips...

    It is a chain but they do offer foods cooked from scratch and after living in Toronto I crave portuguese chicken which is much harder to find out West.

    It's not exactly cheap but I like that the foods here stil seem healther and lower fat (I always skip eating chicken skin).

  3. And they may have the best wing wednesday in town! I always go and get the 12 wings and a pitcher of beer for 16 bucks!!!