Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Shanghai City

<2010-10-07 Thu>

No. 125

This is a huge restaurant, in the second floor of a building in China block. It probably sits around 200 persons, and at 1:30, I was the only one. Perhaps it is the grey weather outside,

It feels as Chinese as a restaurant in Canada can be: many round tables with a lazy Susan. There is Chinese music playing softly in the background. A small water tank shows the customers that the crab is fresh. And there is the usual Chinese paraphernalia found in any Chinese restaurant in the world (including China).

The entrance advertises crab, and I was tempted to order it. Next time, when I have a little more time.

I was seated at a table next to the window. It is a nice view of the street from up here.

The lunch menu is full of options: around 20, plus 2 "typical" specials (what every Westerner expects in a Chinese restaurant). The full menu is also available at lunch time, but didn't look at it.

I ordered the "Shanghai Style Beer Brisket Noodle Soup". It is a mouthful to pronounce. At 8.95 it is one of the most expensive lunch specials (the cheapest is 5.95, which sets a new "record" for places I have visited). I reckon that, if the name of the restaurant is Shanghai City, then a dish with the name should be a speciality.

And it is also a mouthful to eat: it is a huge bowl. Brisket is a hard meat to cook, and one the best ways to do it is to braise it. The meat in this dish has been braised, and had a slight sweet flavour in it, which I enjoyed (but some pieces were still a bit tough). The noodles are nicely cooked, but the broth could improve with some zest. I liked the large vegetable in it (I have to look it up). I finished the bowl, and I am absolutely full. I need a walk!

Verdict: good value, but not a lunch that gets me excited.

Paid: 10.02 + tip

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  1. Is it bok choy? It looks kind of like it from the picture.