Friday, November 12, 2010

Wake up Victoria, 1/2 way through

As I finish my coffee, I have completed 16 out of 32 coffee shops in Wake Up Victoria:

- [X] *Liberty Café 708 Douglas Street
- [X] *Mirage Coffee 1122 Blanshard Street
- [X] *Mirage Coffee 733 Yates Street
- [X] *Penelope's 739 Pandora Avenue
- [X] *Picnic 103-506 Fort Street
- [X] *Sam's Deli 805 Government Street
- [X] *Serious Coffee 1280 Broad Street
- [X] *Street Level Espresso 714 Fort Stree t
- [X] Breve Bistro (Hotel Rialto) 1450 Douglas Street
- [X] Habit Coffee 552 Pandora Avenue
- [X] Legacy Art Gallery 630 Yates Street
- [X] Soda Shoppe 801 Government Street
- [X] Union Pacific 537 Herald Street
- [X] Venus Sophia Tea Room Coffee Bar 540 Fisgard Street
- [X] Wild Coffee House & Bistro 632 Yates Street
- [X] *Zazu 1028 Blanshard Street

I have not written the review for the ones prefixed by a star. I didn't try the coffee at Sam's; I will review its sandwiches.

So far I can say that the biggest surprise was Street Level Espresso. It is really good, perhaps the best coffee in town. I also enjoyed my visit to Picnic.

Of all of them, my favourite is, in terms of coffee, a toss up between Habit (if I want to work on my computer) and Street Level (if I just want the coffee). In terms of a place to work for a while, Legacy. In terms of ambience, Street Level.

I also like Breve as a good balance between place and coffee. Venus can also be a good option, particularly when they have free live classical music.

At the bottom of my list are the Soda Shoppe and Penelope's. In both the espresso was undrinkable. I truly mean it. In neither case I finished it.

I still have 18 days to visit 16 more. I think it is doable.


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