Friday, November 12, 2010

Subway, Pandora and Quadra

No. 115

<2010-09-27 Mon>

For some inexplicable reason, whenever I need take-out I always think of Subway (I am not sure it is a good thing).

This day I was in a rush, and in that area of the city there are few options (I had already being at McDonals!) and decided to get a sub.

The location is medium sized, with plenty of tables. It was clean and inviting. It was relatively busy when I was there. As you can expect from a restaurant close to "Our Place" homeless shelter, the washrooms sport a big sign: "Only for customers".

The sandwich tasted the same as any from another Subway (I presume most of you have been at Subway, so what would the point of a "food" review by then). The franchise has done a great job of making them totally uniform. And I think I am fed up with them. Time to find an alternative. Suggestions?

Verdict: Feels like any other Subway.

For more information, including location, please visit:
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  1. Great blog, not sure if you're still on the hunt but I consider the subs from Safeway to be outstanding for the price and convenience, they make them to order and use premium ingredients like kalamata tapenade, roasted bell peppers and guacamole.
    My personal favorite is the Plymouth rock, Cranberry sauce, real sliced turkey, mayo, spinach, red onions etc. Paired with their good haven bread this sub can be addictive!

    Hope you get a chance to try them out, it kick Subway in the pants.