Friday, August 27, 2010

Black Stilt Coffee House (Hillside)

No. 90
<2010-08-27 Fri>

I like the Black Stilt. I wished it would be closer to my home (or downtown). Their coffee is very good, their space is large, bright, inviting, and has lots of different styles of sitting to match your requirement (comfy chairs, benches, tables). It feels like a place for everybody.

Furthermore, the business seems to have a social conscience, that is demonstrated all around the store (for example, that they compost and recycle as much they can and ask you to help in the sorting).

It has very good music and free Internet. It was a pleasure to be there.

Its main downside is that you really need to live or work at walking distance. It is difficult to find parking in the area for more than few minutes (unless you are willing to pay for it).

Verdict: Recommended

For more information, including address, visit:
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  1. I would never of visited here, but since you recommended it, I thought I would try it. I found ample parking at the rear. Even though I live close by I am driving today doing errands. In addition to the parking at rear (if you are going to be longer than 1/2 hour they will give you a pass for your car)there is the Hillside Mall that has abundant parking too.
    This is a 'sweet spot', and close to my home. I will definitely come again.