Friday, August 27, 2010

KFC Hillside

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I suspect I am not the only one who has fond memories of going, as a child, to Kentucky Fried Chicken. I used to love their mash potatoes with gravy.

While the corporate name is now KFC (some argue it is to avoid the non-so-healthy word "fried" in their name), this one still has the old "Kentucky Fried Chicken" emblazoned in the outside. As I entered, I was surprised to see that this one is really a take out place. There are some stools with around a high bench, a park bench (yes, a park bench), but no tables. The place was almost empty (it was around 1:20). It feels like this restaurant has seen much better years in the past. Today it feels run-down.

Like McDonals, I felt totally lost trying to decipher their menu. I ended ordering a 2-piece special, with salad and mash potatoes (included a drink, but converted it to water).

The most remarkable part of my visit was the quality of service I had. The two ladies that served me are probably underpaid, had no motivation from tips, and yet they were ultra friendly, and I got excellent service from them.

I got my food, but the stools were taken, so I had to eat standing. One piece of chicken was enjoyable (leg), the other not (back of the chicken). The salad had a green radioactive glow. Both the salad and the potatoes had an artificial flavor, and didn't ate much of either one. I think the next time I am at a KFC (there is no next time at this one) I'd just order the chicken, and it will be the non-crispy version. I don't think this chicken is worth this level of security for its recipe.

Verdict: Avoid

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  1. The store in question always has excellent service. I *have* seen other customers get the same disrespect that they have shown the staff on occasion, but it was always when they're extremely busy and the other customer is being an incredible nuisance about having to wait for five minutes.

    The irritating thing is the wait times. Staff members have explained to me that it is because of the lack of hours or lack of cooks, or something, but is it really that hard to keep good cooks if you're treating them well?