Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dolce Vita, Yates

No. 72

<2010-08-11 Wed>

I used to come more regularly to this coffee shop. Few years ago it was one of the few coffee shops that had Internet. Unfortunately the place is small, hence people with laptops would stay long hours. For this reason they instituted two policies: they covered the electrical outlets, and they disabled Internet during the lunch hours. Still, I remember a couple of guys who looked like they were running a business from the coffee shop. I would see them there daily, no matter what time of the day it was (later they moved on to Serious Coffee on Yates).

I am sure that if this irked the owners. My personal policy is that I would use a table for up to two hours, and never user the business electricity. If the place is full, I would shorten my stay to around 30 minutes.

The coffee, however, was really good. And they accompanied it with a small piece of chocolate. As time passed by they expanded to the space in front of Chapter (which I'll review another time).

This time the place was 1/3 full (it was around 2 PM). I ordered, as usual, a espresso. This time I didn't recognize the barista.

The tables are a bit odd: they are too tall to be comfortable for a laptop, and their lounge chairs are very low. They also have a few tables outside, but they are right next to the London Drugs parking lot, thus you might be car-smoked by the end of your coffee.

My coffee was not as good as in the past, but maybe this was an odd-day. It is certainly in the ok category (I would not mind paying for it, and drinking it). I will have to come back to reconfirm.

Verdict: A cozy place, with good coffee in an area where there are not that many good options.

For more information, including its location, visit:
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  1. Dulce Vita used to be very good, and when Anthony is behind the pumps it still is. But in my opinion he hasn't been able to get the same sort of consistency out of his staff. When Habit opens at Yates and Blanshard Dolce Vita might have a lot of trouble.

  2. Thanks JMK, if Anthony is the young Asian looking guy (kind of short, not the Korean one who looked like the son of the owners), I totally agree with you. He is excellent. He has not been there in the last times I have been there.