Tuesday, August 24, 2010

J & J Wonton and Noodle House

<2010-08-24 Mon>

No. 85

I used to eat lunch at JJ around once every two weeks, but I can't remember why I stopped going there.

The restaurant is popular, and if you come at the busiest times, you you will have to share one of the big tables (something I kind of enjoy, although many people bury their heads in their plates,
oblivious to the rest).

Usually, JJ has two specials, and at least one of them is a soup.I Ordered the Szechuan Halibut soup. It promptly arrived.

The fish was good, but the soup tasted like canned tomato with a hint of sugar. The good fish wasn't enough to overcome it. There was no Szechuan flavour, in my opinion. The noodles in the soup felt soggy (uncoooked, I think). Overall, a complete disappontment. I would think twice before coming here again.

Verdict: Mediocre food.

Paid: 9.52 + tip

For more infromation, including address, visit:
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