Monday, August 9, 2010

Pure Vanilla

No. 67

<2010-08-10 Tue>

Note: Coffee Review

I decided to have a morning coffee with LR at Pure Vanilla, in Oak Bay.

It is hard to classify Pure Vanilla. It tries to be a bakery, a coffee shop and a lunch restaurant. I think it excels at the first, it is average towards ok at the second, and mediocre at the third.

We ordered a muffin, an americano and a double espresso.

The muffin was divine. It was freshly baked, and it was fluffy yet full of flavour. I would definitely return for more. Keep in mind I don't usually like muffins.

The coffees, however, left to be desired. My espresso was ok, but LR's americano turned as a espresso. After complaining, the barista simply poured it into another cup. I know many places (including some Starbucks) that would do it again.

Verdict: Delicious muffin, ok coffee.

Paid: 7.50

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  1. Why on earth would they throw it out and make it again? That makes no sense. You just add hot water to an espresso to make it an Americano.

  2. Yeah I think the complaint about the espresso not being done again is a bit asinine. It will taset exactly the same.

  3. I recently had a coffee at Street Level Coffee. As I received my coffee, I asked how much it was. I was told: drink it. Its aromatic oils are escaping as we speak.

    When you pour coffee from one cup to another, you lose part of it. That is why good places never re-pour. As your favourite (good) barista about it.