Sunday, July 11, 2010


No. 44

<2010-07-11 Sun> It was 4:00 on Sunday, and I was trying to find a
place that would impress my out-of-Victoria visitor. Fortunately I
recalled that Aura has a full day menu.

Aura is located in the Laurel Point Hotel. I have read very good
things about it, one of them that it might have the best burger in
town. I checked online and found they offer an "all day lounge menu"
that included the said burger.

I was glad we were there. First, the restaurant was almost empty and
we got a table in the patio next to the ocean. It was a great view of
the harbour. Just the view was worth it.

We both ordered the burger. Is it the best burger in town? Yes,
it is. It is an amazing burger. The bun is fresh and flavourful
(covered with sesame seeds). The topping is bacon and mushrooms--I
can't recall the name of the type of the mushrooms it had, and forgot
to take a photograph! And it is huge! I would have preferred slightly
less meat, but I don't complain. it was delicious, although I struggled
with the last bites.

The quality of the service matched the quality of the food, and the
quality of the view.

Verdict: A great first time experience. I'll probably come back soon.

Paid: 19.04 + tip

For more information, including its address, visit:
Aura Waterfront Restaurant + Patio on Urbanspoon

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