Monday, July 5, 2010

Japanese Village

<2010-07-05 Mon> I was glad that Japanese Village is one of the few
that opens on Monday.

I have been here before, but never for lunch. For some reason I never
thought about this place for lunch.

As you enter, you are asked if you want tepan or sushi. I chose the
latter, to which this review applies.

My first impression was how small the lunch menu is. 4 options plus
individual sushi menu. I ordered the most expensive: Sushi and Tempura

The shabu soup was interesting and flavourful. The tempura was good
too. But the sashimi and the sushi were just bland. My rice was
covered with a thick curry that I didn't like or disliked. But I'd
have preferred my rice plain.

It wasn't a bad lunch, but I didn't feel it was worth the money. It is
a much better destination at dinner time.

Finally, they didn't have change for my bill, and to pay with my
credit card I had to go to the cashier. On the other hand I really
like that there are no-cellphone signs everywhere in the sushi area.

Verdict: Too expensive for what you get, there are better alternatives
not that far away (Zen Sushi).

Cost: 15.12 + tip

For more information, visit

Japanese Village on Urbanspoon

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