Friday, July 9, 2010


Warning: Dinner Review

I came with company. We were asked at the door if we wanted barbecue
of not. This is a tough decision to make when you have never been
there before.

We opted for barbecue, and ordered the 2 persons special.

It was wayyyy too much food. Wayyyy to much. And as good sports we kept eating and eating and eating. 12hrs later I am still full. The food was good. I particularly liked the last spicy beef. I think I could just order that one with vegetables and be happy. I should have asked what its name is!

The meal was good and the service excellent (they cook the food for you in front of you). To top it all, I loved the photos on their walls.

Verdict: Yes, Sura is in the rotation as good food at an excellent value.

Paid: 22.50 + tip

For more information, including address, visit:
Sura Korean Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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