Saturday, July 17, 2010


No. 52

<2010-07-17 Sat> Shizen is located in the China block.

From the moment we walked in, it was a surprise. From the outside I would have never imagined that this restaurant was soo big. The restaurant has a main and upper floor. We arrived late, almost at the time they were closing lunch service.

The menu is large, and has a lunch specials section. Their bento boxes start at $7.95 + tax.

We simply ordered their "Combo B: love boat for 2 special". It includes sashimi, a california roll, 4 nigiris, fruit, miso soup and rice.

The food was plentiful and good. We were fully satisfied with it.

The service was slow, but it was understandable: they had finish serving lunch, and they (the servers) were already eating and to take care of us on the side.

Overall, a nice surprise. I'll certainly come back.

Verdict: Good, inexpensive food.

Paid: $12.29 + tip

For more information, including address, visit:
Shizen Sushi on Urbanspoon

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