Friday, July 30, 2010

Harbour View Cafe

No. 66

I was shopping at The Bay when I thought, "how about having a coffee at its Cafe?"

I had never been inside it. It is huge! It probably seats around 100-120 people.

The thing that stroke me, as I walked by so many empty tables, was the magnificent view of the harbour. Victoria does not have many tall buildings, and even less, public access to their top floors. The windows of this side of the building are probably the best view anybody can get of the harbour from above.

It is a cafeteria, and I was disappointed it didn't have espresso. I don't like soft drinks, so I chose a small apple juice. In retrospective, I should gotten a tea.

Then took a table next to a big window, and enjoyed working on my laptop with a very comfortable chair and table. They have the perfect height for working on a laptop.

People come and go, but the place is so big that it feels empty. Which is also an advantage when I am working on my laptop, as I don't feel any pressure to leave.

Come for the view.

Verdict: Recommended for the magnificent view from the top floor of the Bay Centre.

Paid: 1.11

Update: It is a loss leader for the Bay. As I was leaving, I bought way more than I originally intended.

For more information, including its address, visit:
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  1. we come here from our offices for cheap lunches and the awesome view! Burger, fries, coleslaw, and drink for $7!

  2. Thanks for the comment. I'll do a proper lunch review.


  3. What's the point of this "review"? Is it to tell us you found a good, quiet place to use your laptop?

    And why the photo of a box of apple juice? To show us how skilled you are at light metering a box of apple juice? Or is it sort of product placement ad for Oasis? What gives?

    If it's a view with a box of juice you seek, how about buying a box of juice at the store at half the price, and driving to the top of Mt Tolmie, where the view is much better. And you might even get a free wireless connection from up there.

    Talk about a vacuous blog entry.

    1. How nice. Full of positive feedback, aren't we.

  4. I think your comments are well founded. You can get a better view, for 50 cents less. You need, however, a car, and you will not get a nice comfortable table to work for a while.
    This means that $1.11 is not a bad deal at all.

    In my opinion, this posting tries to call attention to a place that is inexpensive, comfortable and has a nice view, where you can have a nice break if you are downtown.

    With respect to the photo of the drink? it is just to continue the trend of taking photos of the food I consume in the restaurants I visit. Sometimes the enhance the posting, sometimes they don't. But on the other hand, it clarifies what I paid for, so you get a better idea of the "value" of the place.

    Finally, all reviews are biased. My bias is that I like places where I can work on my laptop for 1 to 2 hrs. This place fits the bill perfectly.