Friday, July 2, 2010


<2010-07-02 Fri>

The lunch started in a high note with a very nice
miso soup but quickly disintegrated into flavourless and soggy
tempura, one of the worse salads I have had in a long time
that had its dressing in the middle compartment of the bento (which
means I could not pour it), and fruit that looked like it had been cut some
time ago and had no flavour either.

Definitely, I place to pass by. No surprise the customers look like

Verdict: Avoid.

Cost: 13.20 +tip (2 items lunch special plus uni nigiri)

For more information, including address, visit:
Kaz Japanese Restaurant on Urbanspoon


  1. I highly recommend re-trying Kaz for a dinner review, as they pride themselves on being late-night sushi place, and are open rather late on weekends (11pm or midnight Thurs-Saturday) for Victoria.

  2. Kaz is one of my favourite Japanese restaurants! The only thing I agree with is the salad dressing (the fact that it comes in a compartment of the bento box and can't be poured). Other than that, the quality and taste of the food have always been excellent.

  3. Ok. Two people are suggesting that this place might be better than what I experienced. Hence, I'll try it again, but this time not order their bento.


  4. I agree with your bad review. We just had an awful experience there and the worst spicy tuna roll I have ever had in all my life.