Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Marina Coffee House

No. 47

A bad coffee shop with an excellent view, is the way I can summarize this place.

Located at the Oak Bay Marina, it is not in Victoria, but it is on my way to work, hence I frequently stop there.

I ordered a lemon pound cake and a espresso.

The espresso was originally served in a paper cup (even though I asked for it "for here"). Fortunately the barista redid it (most baristas would have poured it), and I thanked her for that! This is good service. The espresso is Starbucks and it is ok.

The pound cake was old, very old. I was asked if I wanted it warm, but it would have been done with a microwave. You can't warm bread and cakes in microwaves! Well, you can, but it is a very different result than using a toaster.

The place feels run down. It is a place that you come for the view of the marina, and not the food. The coffee is average.

Verdict: I come for the view

Internet: No

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  1. there is internet.

  2. Dear lunch in Victoria,
    I'm sorry your experience at our Marina Coffee House was not to your liking and that it took me so long to respond to your unhappiness. As the baker/manager our in-house baking program was just in its early stages in July, along with me being new in the managerial role. I would like to think that the last 6 months have been a learning experience with good results. Since you indicated you often stop in on your way to work I hope you’ve noticed the additions we’ve made to the equipment we have, and the choices we offer, such as our free wi-fi and speciality coffees. I’d like to think that the improvements will continue as time goes on. We want the Marina Coffee House to not only be known for its amazing view (which it has) but by being an affordable, family friendly, and neighbourhood hang-out spot.
    I invite you to come back again, only this time on us. Feel free to ask for the Manager when you come in, I’d love to have a face to face.

    Marina Coffee House