Wednesday, July 14, 2010

University Club at UVic

No. 48

<2010-07-14 Wed> Located at the UVic, you have to either: a) be a member; b) accompany a member; or c) be in UVic official business.

The University is a death trap when it comes to food. It has very few choices and overpriced choices, and no commercial businesses around.

The UVic building is beautiful. It is a wood structure with a pyramidal high ceiling in the main floor of the restaurant. There is a patio with a pond, with tables to eat outdoors under large umbrellas. And the building is well isolated from its surroundings. It is a pleasant lunch destination.

The Club is also a frequent event destination for the public. That day they was a very large event with a barbecue buffet. We had a reservation but were tucked to the far inside of the dinning hall. It was a lucky location, because had we been closer to the doors, we would have been more "smoked" by the outdoor barbecue.

I ordered a steak. The meat was tougher than I like it, but the sauce was very good and the potatoes were done to perfection. The snow peas were delicious, but the carrots were hard. Overall, it was a decent lunch.

Verdict: Not bad, but this is usually a place where I must come, not by my own option.

Paid: 13

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  1. Huge thanks to the chefs, servers and management at the University Club of Victoria, for the fabulous wedding and reception.Sooooo good food! Absolutely delicious! Great service, friendly servers and accommodating managers! Everyone worked so well to make the event flawless and happy! We couldn't have asked for more! Definitely will recommend to others! Thanks so much! And a special thank you to management and the Chefs for their hard work for our delicious enjoyment of the dinner!